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5. – 7. Oktober 2020


October 5th – 7th, 2020

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions
Aachener Kolloquium Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GbR

Version from 17.02.2020 11:00

1. Organizer

The Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility is organized by the Aachener Kolloquium Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GbR (company constituted under civil law).

2. Services

The services with regard to type and scope are rendered according to the description on the registration forms, which are applicable for the respective year, as well as the descriptions on the website and in the applicable program booklet. The registration for the Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility contains neither the booking of a hotel room nor travel or transport for participants.

3. Scope of Services

The participant fees contain the entry to the exhibition and technical lectures on all event days, proceedings, drinks and snacks during the breaks, two lunches including drinks, a reception as well as free parking for one vehicle per participant in the Aachen car parks of Aachener Parkhaus GmbH (with the exception of the Carolus Thermen car park). The participant fees also include the participation in the evening event, unless all spaces for the evening event have already been taken (see section 6). As a further free of charge service, participants have the possibility to be included in a participant list with the following data: Company, first and last name, postal address. All event fees are net prices excluding applicable VAT, and possible further taxes and charges if applicable.

4. Registration and Registration Confirmation

Registration for the Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility must be made online via the registration portal on the website or A separate form must be used for each participant. Bulk registrations can be done via the registration portal on the mentioned website. The organizer reserves the right to reject registrations, which were not made via the registration portal on the website. The registrations are considered in the order of their receipt date. Confirmation of a registration is sent to the email address, which was stated during the registration process. In case a third party registers one or more participants for the event on their behalf, the third party needs to assure that he/she is authorized explicitly by the participant or the participants to register and asserts this towards the organizer. In this case, the third party will furthermore assure that the person to register is made aware of the privacy policy, which is available at or However, the registration shall only be regarded as completed after a registration confirmation has been sent by email and payment has been received by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to deny access to the event to participants who have not paid their invoices in full (i.e. payment not received in the account) prior to the beginning of the event. Any side agreements must be made in writing.

5. Payment Terms

Invoices shall be sent to the billing address, which was indicated on the registration form, by mail or as digital version immediately after invoicing and without any additional costs. They shall also be used as participation certificates. All invoices shall be valid without signature. The invoice amounts shall be payable without any deductions after receipt of the invoice by the due date, which is stated on the invoice. Pre-payment can be made either by bank transfer or credit card. The organizer can only accept VISA and MasterCard payment. Payment in cash on site is only possible subject to prior written approval by the organizer. If payment is transferred from abroad, the payer shall bear all applicable charges. The registration shall only be regarded as complete after payment has been received.

6. Participant Limitations

The organizer reserves the right to limit the maximum number of participants. The registrations are considered in the order of their receipt date. If the limit for the maximum number of participants has been reached, this will be announced on the event website and all other interested applicants can register for the waiting list via the registration portal. Successors shall be notified of the possibility of participation at short notice.
The number of participants in the evening event is limited. Registration for participation in the evening event is only possible if places are still available. When registering, participants can submit a placement preference for one of the evening event halls. The organizer shall make every effort to accommodate such preferences. However, the participant shall not be entitled to his preferred hall placement.

7. Exhibitors, Responsibility for Exhibition Booths

These terms and conditions are not valid for exhibitors. For exhibitors, separate terms and conditions are valid. These are available on the event website or can be requested from the organizer at any time.
Responsibility for the exhibition booths and parts of it lies solely on the respective exhibitor, who is solely liable for related accidents.

8. Lecture Program

In exceptional circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to change the program at short notice while maintaining the overall character of the event. The lecturers shall be solely responsible for the content of their lectures. The organizer shall not be liable.

9. Privacy

Information concerning privacy shall be made available to the participant in a separate policy. The organizer points out explicitly that the privacy policy is available at and

10. Cancellation by the Organizer

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event for important reasons, for example force majeur events or other circumstances outside the organizer’s control. In this case, the organizer agrees to notify the participants about the cancellation of the event via email and to refund those participant fees, which have already been paid, to the full amount. A refund of participant fees in case of a cancellation of the event due to force majeur reasons is excluded. Futile participant expenses shall only be reimbursed if the organizer is clearly at fault for the cancellation of the event. Furthermore, the organizer reserves the right to cancel a lecture or a session without substitution in case of a speaker’s absence due to illness. Refunds for individual lectures or sessions shall not be possible

11.Cancellation by the Participant

The cancellation of a registration must be made in writing. For duly cancellations by September 1st of the event year according to post mark or receipt of the email, an administrative charge of € 70,- plus applicable VAT shall be charged. Participant fees, which have already been paid, shall be reimbursed minus the administrative charge if a cancellation is received by this date. Following a cancellation by this date, the participant shall no longer be entitled to the receipt of the proceedings.
After the deadline the participant fee must be paid in full amount according to invoice. This shall apply both to cancellations after September 1st of the event year and to unannounced non-participation. In this case the proceedings can be sent to the participant by mail on request as soon as the participant fee has been received in full by the organizer.
In case a participant is prevented from participation due to illness and wants to rescind from the contract due to this reason, the participant shall submit a medical certificate to the organizer immediately, stating the absence due to illness for the entire duration of the event. In this case, the administrative charge shall become void and fees, which have already been paid, shall be reimbursed in full. In the event of a cancellation due to illness, the entitlement to receipt the proceedings shall become void.
Participants shall not be entitled to reduction, retention or offset, unless these entitlements are undisputed and legally proven in writing.

12. Rebooking by the Participant

If they are unable to attend the event, participants shall be entitled to nominate a replacement. This change of participants is free of charge until September 1st of the event year. After this date, every change of a participant is charged with a fee of € 50,- plus VAT. The fee is also charged for participant changes on site. If the replacement participant does not fulfill the same conditions as the original participant, for example if he is not entitled to a discount, which was granted to the original participant, the difference shall be paid immediately. Otherwise, the organizer reserves the right to reject the rebooking and refuse the participation of the replacement participant. In addition, the replacement participant may not already be registered for the event. Changes of participants shall be submitted in writing to the organizer by October 1st of the event year including all personal data. The official registration form must not be used for the notice of change. Changes after October 1st of the event year can only be made personally on site in the conference office.

13. Proceedings

The proceedings shall only be handed out on site. If the participant is not on site in order to receive these documents, they can be sent to the participant by mail on request after all unpaid invoices have been paid. The organizer reserves the exclusive rights for the proceedings. They must not be reproduced, digitalized, published, distributed, provided for downloading, used for other events or provided to third parties without the explicit written permission of the organizer. Licenses for the in-house distribution can be applied for in writing from the organizer. Beginning in 2012, the proceedings are listed with an ISBN number, which means that they can be stated and cited as a publication subject to stating the full source. The conference proceedings of each year will be sold only after the end of the event.

14. Events for Accompanying Guests

The events for accompanying guests are available only for accompanying persons, but not for conference participants. The costs of these events are not included in the participant fees, but must be paid separately. In case of a cancellation, the same deadlines and conditions as for the cancellation of a conference participation shall apply (see section 11). However, a cancellation fee shall not apply.

15. Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The contractual relationship shall exclusively be subject to German law and exclude any provisions of the international private law. To the extent permissible, Aachen shall be the place of jurisdiction.

General Information by the
Aachener Kolloquium Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GbR

1. Registration

Due to a possible limitation of the number of participants and limited capacity of the event halls during the evening event, the organizer recommends an early registration of participants.

2. Registration Process

  1. Register online
  2. Receive a confirmation
  3. Wait for the invoice and pay
  4. Registration is completed after receipt of payment
  5. Collect all documents on site

3. Delayed Payment

According to our general terms and conditions participant fees must have been paid in full and received in the organizer’ account at the beginning of the event (see section 4 of the general terms and conditions). If you are unable to comply with these conditions, please contact the organizer immediately.

4. Hotel

The registration for the Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility does not contain any booking of hotel rooms. Every participant is responsible for booking his own accommodation.
Hotel bookings can be made using the form of aachen tourist service e.V. The form is available online, the organizer is not liable for the content of this form. Due to allocations of reserved rooms, an early booking of hotel rooms is recommended. The organizer points out explicitly that hotel bookings shortly before the event may be subject to higher demand and may be charged at higher prices. Participants are not entitled to special conditions or free room allocations.

5. Travel

Participants of the Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

6. Conference Office

The opening hours of the conference office are published in the program booklet.

7. Conference language

The lectures will be translated simultaneously into German and English. Headphones for simultaneous interpreting will be provided at no extra cost. The proceedings will be published in English only.

8. Purchase of Proceedings

Licences for individual usage or in-house provision of proceedings and individual articles can be ordered from the organizer.


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