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7. – 9. Oktober 2024

October 7th – 9th, 2024

Proceedings 2022

Proceedings 2022

You will find all Paper on this site. The documents will be uploaded after the Aachen Colloquium as soon as we receive them. This might take up to two weeks depending on the submission date. Thanks for your patience. 
The username and password can be found in our e-mail that will be sent to you at the beginning of the event. 

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Gasoline Water Direct Injection (GWDI): Optical Investigations on Fuel-Water Emulsions in the Injection SystemBenjamin BlauTrier University of Applied SciencesPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 06:45 pm(578.91 KB)
Evaluation of the driver’s psychophysiological state based on EEG and fNIRS measurements within a driving simulatorKurt SteinmetzgerHeidelberg UniversityPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 06:50 pm(397.00 KB)
Setting Inclusion as a Standard in the Development Process: Generation of an Inclusive Concept for Mobility on DemandTorben Böddekerika, RWTH Aachen UniversityPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 06:55 pm(625.78 KB)
Citizen’s Level of Acceptance of Four Different Mobility Concepts in Scope of the Project BüLaMoMaren Klattika, RWTH Aachen UniversityPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 07:00 pm(391.50 KB)
Challenges and potentials of the self-propelled, highly immersive driving simulatorMeike OttensmeierTU DresdenPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 07:05 pm(283.50 KB)
Highly Realistic Virtual Testing of Automated Driving Systems as an Opportunity to Accelerate the Mobility RevolutionRené DegenCologne University of Applied SciencesPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 07:10 pm(596.63 KB)
Thermal Simulation of a Quick-Change Battery SystemSebastian BollowHTW BerlinPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 07:15 pm(631.27 KB)
Digital Twins for Sustainable Battery Production and Life CyclesJohann AbramowskiFraunhofer-Institute for Production Technology IPTPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 07:20 pm(306.92 KB)
Remote Software Updates for Advanced Driver Assistance SystemsPatricia WesselRWTH Aachen UniversityPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 07:25 pm(478.50 KB)
ePGS - The novel hybrid drive for micro vehiclesMoritz JakobyMMP, RWTH Aachen UniversityPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 07:30 pm(340.92 KB)
Combined emission reduction with efuels and advanced exhaust aftertreatment including the Catvap® technologyFlorian RümmeleFraunhofer ISEPoster PitchBrüssel10/10/2022 07:35 pm(347.92 KB)
Ford Pro: Productivity Acceleration for the Connected and Electrified EraHans SchepFord ProOpening Plenary SessionEuropa10/11/2022 08:40 am(1.86 MB)
Autonomous Trucking - Vision, Current State, and ChallangesAxel GernTorc EuropeOpening Plenary SessionEuropa10/11/2022 09:00 amPaper not submitted.
FUEL CELL PROPULSION SYSTEMS for Light Commercial Vehicle applicationThomas JohnenSTELLANTIS / OPEL AUTOMOBILE GmbHFuel Cells IEuropa10/11/2022 11:00 am(1.09 MB)
2 years on the road powered by Fuel Cells - Hyundai XCIENT Fuel CellEduard KesslerHyundai Motor Europe Technical CenterFuel Cells IEuropa10/11/2022 11:30 am(3.17 MB)
Bosch’s Heavy Duty Fuel Cell System - The Powerpack for Long Haul TrucksThomas WintrichRobert Bosch GmbHFuel Cells IILissabon10/12/2022 11:00 am(806.04 KB)
Advantages of rechargeable lithium-ion battery “SCiB™“ for heavy duty vehicle applicationsAki HasegawaToshiba CorporationBattery Systems IEuropa10/11/2022 02:00 pm(1.30 MB)
High Power Battery Systems for Mild-Hybrid with Sodium-ion cobalt free technologyFranck DhaussyPlastic OmniumBattery Systems IEuropa10/11/2022 02:30 pm(1.08 MB)
Adaptable high-performance battery pack module for the niche marketAlistair FarmanMAHLE PowertrainBattery Systems IEuropa10/11/2022 03:00 pm(1.59 MB)
Solid-State battery pack design: simply exchanging the cells?Michael StapelbroekFEV Europe GmbHBattery Systems IEuropa10/11/2022 03:30 pm(2.77 MB)
New 6 cylinder gasoline engine from BMWRoland WelzmüllerBMW GroupNew Gasoline EnginesEuropa10/11/2022 04:30 pm(1.04 MB)
Development of New 2.0 L I4 Gasoline Direct Injection Engine for HybridTakeshi EgawaHonda Motor Co.,Ltd.New Gasoline EnginesEuropa10/11/2022 05:00 pm(1.52 MB)
SYTECH, REEV Simulation, Analysis, Development and Durability testingRichard TambaSYTECH PowertrainNew Gasoline EnginesEuropa10/11/2022 05:30 pm(2.46 MB)
Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine: Zero-Impact Technology for Sustainable MobilityYohan ChiHyundai Motor CompanyHydrogen Combustion Engines IIEuropa10/12/2022 08:30 am(1.51 MB)
Development of combustion process and operating strategy for a low emission hydrogen engineAndreas KufferathBoschHydrogen Combustion Engines IIEuropa10/12/2022 09:00 am(2.21 MB)
Application of H2ICE Technology on Commercial VehiclesGavin DoberBorgWarnerHydrogen Combustion Engines IIEuropa10/12/2022 09:30 am(2.80 MB)
Further electrification of the powertrains in the Mercedes-Benz compact classAndreas RehbergerMercedes-Benz AGE-Drive - Systems IEuropa10/12/2022 10:30 am(0.96 MB)
Development of a Brand New Hybrid Powertrain for C-segment SUVMasaki TakaokaNissan Motor Co., Ltd.E-Drive - Systems IEuropa10/12/2022 11:00 am(771.31 KB)
DHT Pro - a Dedicated Hybrid Transmission Designed for Efficiency in Customer UseSimon KlacarGeely PowertrainE-Drive - Systems IEuropa10/12/2022 11:30 am(807.13 KB)
Testing the drive of tomorrow in the era of e-mobilityJoachim TrumpffGETEC Getriebe Technik GmbHE-Drive - Systems IEuropa10/12/2022 12:00 pm(0.99 MB)
Semiconductor-based battery disconnect switches for enhanced safety of electric vehiclesMichael BeckerRheinmetallBattery Systems IIEuropa10/12/2022 02:00 pm(569.01 KB)
Virtual prediction of internal short circuit in a pouch battery due to mechanical abuse.Christiaan StokerDassault SystemesBattery Systems IIEuropa10/12/2022 02:30 pm(1.39 MB)
Advanced composite materials improving design and safety of EV battery systemsKristian SeidelTeijin Automotive Technologies Wuppertal GmbHBattery Systems IIEuropa10/12/2022 03:00 pm(757.41 KB)
Zero Carbon CarsStefan NekovarMcKinsey & CompanyAutomotive Strategy Concepts IBerlin10/11/2022 11:00 am(421.97 KB)
Hydrogen in vehicles - The multidimensional value of CO2 and its strategic implicationsAlexander Bussefka GmbHAutomotive Strategy Concepts IBerlin10/11/2022 11:30 am(344.88 KB)
Digitalization - and then? The impact of quantum technology on Automotive and Mobility CompaniesCarina KießlingRoland Berger GmbHAutomotive Strategy Concepts IBerlin10/11/2022 12:00 pm(444.76 KB)
Vision EQXX - electric range and efficiency on a new levelMalte SieversMercedes-Benz AGMobility & Vehicle ConceptsBerlin10/11/2022 02:00 pm(226.59 KB)
Chances of Shared-Mobility-Concepts in small townsChristina KolbHochschule MittweidaMobility & Vehicle ConceptsBerlin10/11/2022 02:30 pm(243.71 KB)
The Hybridvelo - a Contribution for Future Short Distance MobilityKai-Uwe MünchTH-KölnMobility & Vehicle ConceptsBerlin10/11/2022 03:00 pm(1.01 MB)
E-Jet - An Innovative Sports Device and Lightweight VehicleLars Piekenbrinckika, RWTH Aachen UniversityMobility & Vehicle ConceptsBerlin10/11/2022 03:30 pmPaper not submitted.
Fluid management solutions for oil cooled components in e-mobilityPeter GeskesMAHLE Filtersysteme GmbHComponents for Thermal Management SystemsBerlin10/11/2022 04:30 pm(1.08 MB)
Digital interior: Intelligent microclimate systems for energy-efficient thermal comfort.Matt FischGenthermComponents for Thermal Management SystemsBerlin10/11/2022 05:00 pm(252.78 KB)
Scalable thermal management architecture for electric motor with different power classesGerhard EserVitesco Technologies GmbHComponents for Thermal Management SystemsBerlin10/11/2022 05:30 pm(2.26 MB)
Refrigerant cycle with PCM cold storage for battery cooling during fast chargingAlois SteinerVirtual Vehicle Research GmbHBattery & EDU Thermal ManagementBerlin10/12/2022 08:30 am(1.44 MB)
2-PHASE IMMERSION COOLING SYSTEM FOR THERMOPLASTIC BATTERY ENCLOSURESGero MimbergKautex Textron GmbH & CO. KGBattery & EDU Thermal ManagementBerlin10/12/2022 09:00 am(1.21 MB)
Thermal Integration of High-Speed Electric Machines in Next Generation EDUsMichael SchröderFEV Europe GmbHBattery & EDU Thermal ManagementBerlin10/12/2022 09:30 am(845.09 KB)
Value Chain Wars – How to win in Electric-Vehicle Supply ChainsChristian KoehlerStrategy Engineers GmbH & Co. KGAutomotive Strategy Concepts IIBerlin10/12/2022 10:30 am(856.63 KB)
Sustainability of automotive supply chainsNina BilicOliver WymanAutomotive Strategy Concepts IIBerlin10/12/2022 11:00 am(469.94 KB)
Just a few chips missing? How automotive players should strategically safeguard their semiconductor supply chainTanjeff SchadtPwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbHAutomotive Strategy Concepts IIBerlin10/12/2022 11:30 am(0.99 MB)
Software Defined Vehicles (SDV): Auswirkungen auf Entwicklungsorganisationen und den ProduktentwicklungsprozessMirko EngelhardFEV ConsultingAutomotive Strategy Concepts IIBerlin10/12/2022 12:00 pm(2.09 MB)
e-Mobility at Scania - driving the shift towards a sustainable transport systemChrister ThorénScania CV ABE-Drive Systems IIBerlin10/12/2022 02:00 pm(1.49 MB)
Preliminary design and prototypic assembly of an electric truck drive axleSven KöllerInstitut für KraftfahrzeugE-Drive Systems IIBerlin10/12/2022 02:30 pm(894.11 KB)
System Voltage for Light and Commercial Electric VehiclesWolfgang WenzelBorgWarnerE-Drive Systems IIBerlin10/12/2022 03:00 pm(1.36 MB)
Potentiality of filter technology in particle emis-sion control of future Euro VII heavy duty gas enginesEdoardo Merlone BorlaFPT IndustrialEmission Concepts ILissabon10/11/2022 11:00 am(1.06 MB)
Advanced Hardware, Controls and Calibration Solutions to Meet the Upcoming EURO 7 LegislationChristoph MenneFEV Europe GmbHEmission Concepts ILissabon10/11/2022 11:30 am(1.24 MB)
Further Improvement Steps Towards High Efficient Heavy Duty Diesel Engines Contributing for Carbon Neutral PowertrainsJost WeberDENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbHEmission Concepts ILissabon10/11/2022 12:00 pm(1.06 MB)
Solutions for CO2-free Powertrains establishing a Green Construction SiteMarkus SchwaderlappDEUTZ AGSustainable Engine ConceptsLissabon10/11/2022 02:00 pm(1.33 MB)
The sustainable engine; towards a provider of power and torque with zero resulting environmental impact.Tomas JohannessonAurobaySustainable Engine ConceptsLissabon10/11/2022 02:30 pm(858.82 KB)
Electric Vehicle 2.0 with aFuels, the worlds first end-to-end solution towards a CO2 negative automotive futureMartin GrazObrist Powertrain GmbHSustainable Engine ConceptsLissabon10/11/2022 03:00 pm(2.21 MB)
Combustion Process Improvement of a Wood Gas Specific ICE for Sustainable Heat and Power SupplyJure GalovicInstitut für Fahrzeugantriebeb und Automobieltechnik, TU WienSustainable Engine ConceptsLissabon10/11/2022 03:30 pm(1.34 MB)
NanoLam Technology for efficient DC Link CapacitorsMichael BreuerPierburgPower ElectronicsLissabon10/11/2022 04:30 pm(946.40 KB)
Power electronics converter electromagnetic interference model and temperature sensing for e-mobilityWissam JamalCoventry UniversityPower ElectronicsLissabon10/11/2022 05:00 pm(1.04 MB)
Partial discharging measurement to detect early insulation damage during electrical drive unit operationRalf CremerPower Diagnostix Systems GmbHPower ElectronicsLissabon10/11/2022 05:30 pm(474.21 KB)
Requirements for zero impact vehiclesStefan HausbergerTU GrazReports from FVV projectsLissabon10/12/2022 08:30 am(1.12 MB)
Potential Powertrain Configurations to Obtain Future CO2 Goals in 2040Tobias StollFKFSReports from FVV projectsLissabon10/12/2022 09:00 am(0.96 MB)
FVV no. 1349: Influencing Wall Heat Losses in SI EnginesJens AchenbachTME RWTH AachenReports from FVV projectsLissabon10/12/2022 09:30 am(3.40 MB)
Automated Production of High Performance PEMFC Stacks and Components According to Automotive RequirementsPhilipp StiefelEKPO Fuel Cell Technologies GmbHFuel Cells IILissabon10/12/2022 10:30 am(971.57 KB)
BiFoilStack –Novel cell and stack design with compound-foil-based bipolar plates for heavy-duty fuel cell systemsMarius WaltersFEV Europe GmbHFuel Cells IEuropa10/11/2022 12:00 pm(0.96 MB)
CoacHyfied: Evaluation of advanced thermal management strategies for hydrogen fuel cell coachesOliver CurnickCoventry UniversityFuel Cells IILissabon10/12/2022 11:30 am(1.32 MB)
Fuel cells – a powertrain solution for zero-emission non-road mobile machineryMarkus JesserFEV Europe GmbhFuel Cells IILissabon10/12/2022 12:00 pm(0.96 MB)
Technology options to reduce cold start emissions – electric catalyst heatersFlorian KunathCorning GmbHEmission Concepts IILissabon10/12/2022 02:00 pm(957.49 KB)
Lowest PN emissions for future Heavy Duty Diesel Applications – an aftertreatment system approachAnsgar WilleNGK Europe GmbHEmission Concepts IILissabon10/12/2022 02:30 pm(1.12 MB)
Ultra-Low Emissions from a Truck with Close-Coupled Emission Control System and Active Thermal Management using e-FuelsPablo Mendoza VillafuerteAECC - Association for Emissions Control by CatalystEmission Concepts IILissabon10/12/2022 03:00 pm(970.23 KB)
Retrofitting a Diesel baseline to a fully H2 spark ignition engine by combining experiments and CFD simulationGiampaolo MaioIFP Energies NouvellesHydrogen Combustion Engines IBrüssel10/11/2022 11:00 am(3.04 MB)
Optimization of the mixture formation in DI hydrogen combustion engines by modified injector nozzle designMaximillian BrauerIAVHydrogen Combustion Engines IBrüssel10/11/2022 11:30 am(2.74 MB)
Measures for high specific power output on a HD H2-ICE: A numerical and experimental analysisAleksandar BobericTME RWTHHydrogen Combustion Engines IBrüssel10/11/2022 12:00 pm(825.60 KB)
Selection of Test Cases for the Verification of Automated VehiclesLennart VaterInstitute for Automotive Engineering (ika), RWTH Aachen UniversityAutomated Driving IBrüssel10/11/2022 02:00 pm(1.69 MB)
Assessment of automated driving’s safety impact by means of the driver behavior model “Stochastic Cognitive Model “Alexandra FriesBMW AGAutomated Driving IBrüssel10/11/2022 02:30 pm(609.82 KB)
Operating scenarios for testing Automated Driving Systems in challenging conditionsHendrik WeberICCSAutomated Driving IBrüssel10/11/2022 03:00 pm(591.33 KB)
Test of ADAS Features With Stimulations Under EMC ConditionsAndre EngelbertHORIBA Europe GmbHAutomated Driving IBrüssel10/11/2022 03:30 pm(340.59 KB)
Microscopic Traffic Simulation based on Three-Phase Traffic Theory for Congestion Recognition and Automated DrivingJonas PacziaMercedes-Benz AGAutomated Driving IIBrüssel10/11/2022 04:30 pm(864.53 KB)
Real World Driving Data for Application in HAD Development & ValidationChristoph Klasfka GmbHAutomated Driving IIBrüssel10/11/2022 05:00 pm(3.05 MB)
Architecture of a Collective Memory in UNICARagilTimo WoopenInstitut für Kraftfahrzeuge - RWTH Aachen UniversityAutomated Driving IIBrüssel10/11/2022 05:30 pm(2.95 MB)
Multi-objective Optimisation of an electric motor for D-segment EVIago Martinez OcañaGKN AutomotiveElectric MotorsBrüssel10/12/2022 08:30 am(462.01 KB)
Drastic efficiency increase of electric motors based on a new high thermally conductive stator slot conceptKazuhiro IkedaSEI Automotive Europe GmbHElectric MotorsBrüssel10/12/2022 09:00 am(1.35 MB)
Series concept of an externally excited synchronous machine as a magnet-free variant to the EMR4 platformGunter MuehlbergVitesco TechnologiesElectric MotorsBrüssel10/12/2022 09:30 am(610.59 KB)
From vehicle data to a holistic situation assessment - the practice-oriented KIsSME approachFrank HantschelRA ConsultingAutomated Driving IIIBrüssel10/12/2022 10:30 am(455.45 KB)
Future Mobility Applications in the KoMoDnext and ACCorD Digital Test FieldsLaurent KloekerInstitute for Automotive Engineering (ika), RWTH Aachen UniversityAutomated Driving IIIBrüssel10/12/2022 11:00 am(2.05 MB)
Towards modeling situation specific driving behaviour - An element of Virtual Vehicle's Foresight Safety ConceptBernhard BrandstätterVirtual Vehicle Research GmbHAutomated Driving IIIBrüssel10/12/2022 11:30 am(592.56 KB)
Simulation-based design of a handover functionLisa-Catherine SchudiIPG Automotive GmbHAutomated Driving IIIBrüssel10/12/2022 12:00 pm(352.96 KB)
Green is the new cool- intensifying electrification for sustainable, affordable and exciting mobilityMatthias AltStellantisMobility & SustainabilityBrüssel10/12/2022 02:00 pm(2.26 MB)
Shared Space sidewalk – Robots and pedestrians side by side – how can it work?Thomas Lennartzika, RWTH Aachen UniversityMobility & SustainabilityBrüssel10/12/2022 02:30 pm(562.38 KB)
Catena X - Fail Alone or Succeed Together - A Blueprint from the automotive industry for a global data spaceOliver GanserCatena-X e.VMobility & SustainabilityBrüssel10/12/2022 03:00 pm(0.95 MB)
Comparison of Electrical Torque-Vectoring Systems for Rear-Wheel Drive VehiclesNils GrunerVolkswagen AGChassis – ConceptsK1 Aachen10/11/2022 11:00 am(0.96 MB)
Characteristcs of Modern Motion and Stability SystemsThomas RasteContinentalChassis – ConceptsK1 Aachen10/11/2022 11:30 am(925.09 KB)
Performance of Integrated Drive Axle on vehicleSoo Kyoung LeeHYUNDAI WIA CORPORATIONChassis – ConceptsK1 Aachen10/11/2022 12:00 pm(821.32 KB)
Optimizing efficiency and range of electrified vehicles using virtual vehicle developmentSteven YanIPG Automotive GmbHDigital TwinK1 Aachen10/11/2022 02:00 pm(610.10 KB)
Use of Fleet Data to define Use Cases for Drive System Development of Robot TaxisMaximilian PietruckInstitute for Automotive Engineering (ika), RWTH Aachen UniversityDigital TwinK1 Aachen10/11/2022 02:30 pm(4.99 MB)
Framework for using Artificial Intelligence in the vehicle design processSudhi UppuluriSiemens Digital IndustriesDigital TwinK1 Aachen10/11/2022 03:00 pm(1.06 MB)
A Digital Twin Environment for the Development of Controlled Power Adjusted Columns for Steer-by-WireAndreas ScholzZF Friedrichshafen AGDigital TwinK1 Aachen10/11/2022 03:30 pm(389.02 KB)
Analysis of the development process for safety compliant Steer-by-Wire steering systemsMaximilian WescheVolkswagen AGSteeringK1 Aachen10/11/2022 04:30 pm(396.72 KB)
Passengers Comfort during Automated Motorway Lane ChangesChristoph HeimsathFKFSSteeringK1 Aachen10/11/2022 05:00 pm(919.20 KB)
Implementation of a lateral driver assistance using reinforcement learningLaura WittVolkswagen AGSteeringK1 Aachen10/11/2022 05:30 pm(1.19 MB)
Continuous Architecture – an agile, collaborative approach for software defined vehiclesFlorian BeerBoschSoftware Engineering for the AutomotiveK1 Aachen10/12/2022 08:30 am(1.09 MB)
ASOA A Dynamic Software Architecture for Software-defined VehiclesAlexandru Kampmanni11 Embedded Software, RWTH Aachen UniversitySoftware Engineering for the AutomotiveK1 Aachen10/12/2022 09:00 am(1.13 MB)
Future Architecture and Software Design Patterns – a Predicitive Strategy Towards Sustainable, Efficient, Resilient and Cross-Technology SolutionsJörg Küfenfka GmbHSoftware Engineering for the AutomotiveK1 Aachen10/12/2022 09:30 amPaper not submitted.
Data-Driven Calibration of Thermal Management Control Systems of an Electric Sports CarPhilip MuhlDr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AGControls for Thermal Management SystemsK1 Aachen10/12/2022 10:30 am(2.45 MB)
Benefits by Exhaust and Coolant Fluid Management in Hybrid PowertrainsOlaf WeberSchaeffler TechnologiesControls for Thermal Management SystemsK1 Aachen10/12/2022 11:00 am(2.45 MB)
Sustainable Thermal Management – Focus on Electric VehiclesRoman HecktHANON Systems Deutschand GmbHControls for Thermal Management SystemsK1 Aachen10/12/2022 11:30 am(620.14 KB)
Machine learning approach to determine occupant clothing level using an IR sensorAlexander KirmasInstitut für Kraftfahrzeuge, RWTH Aachen UniversityControls for Thermal Management SystemsK1 Aachen10/12/2022 12:00 pm(678.13 KB)
Adaptive roll stabilization - combination of roll rate and roll damping for more agility and comfortThomas SchrüllkampMubea Fahrwerksfedern GmbHVehicle DynamicsK1 Aachen10/12/2022 02:00 pm(0.97 MB)
Electronic Stability Control for Narrow Track Leaning VehiclesDominik WernerInstitut für Kraftfahrzeuge (ika) RWTH Aachen UniversityVehicle DynamicsK1 Aachen10/12/2022 02:30 pm(2.28 MB)
Objective and subjective full-vehicle evaluation of the Multi-Link Torsion Axle (MLTA) – A space optimizing rear suspensJens OlschewskiUniversität SiegenVehicle DynamicsK1 Aachen10/12/2022 03:00 pm(1.55 MB)
Hydrogen in transport applicationsGerrit MarxIVECO GROUPClosing Plenary SessionEuropa10/12/2022 03:40 pm(1.59 MB)
Electromobility from the Viewpoint of a Leading Battery ManufacturerKai-Uwe WollenhauptSVOLT Energy TechnologyClosing Plenary SessionEuropa10/12/2022 04:00 pm(0.97 MB)

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