[Logo: Aachen Collquium 2021]

[Logo: Aachen Collquium 2021]

4. – 6. Oktober 2021

October 4th – 6th, 2021



The Exhibition of the Aachen Colloquium

The conference accompanying technical exhibition is an important component of the Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility. As vehicle and engine manufacturer, supplier or engineering consultant you have the possibility to present recent projects, innovations and services here. In addition, you can personally get in touch with branch experts on site.

65 exhibitors on an exhibition area of more than 1400 sqm participated in the Aachen Colloquium 2019. The exhibition takes place in the ground and upper floor of the Eurogress Aachen. Furthermore, you can use our test track to provide vehicles for a test drive.

Further possibilities for advertising your offer are available.


Find all Information for exhibitors »at a glance« and the »exhibition plan«.


General Terms of the Exhibition

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Test track

Demonstrate running vehicles on our »test track«.


All information regarding exhibitors as »Download«

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