[Logo: Aachen Collquium 2021]

[Logo: Aachen Collquium 2021]

4. – 6. Oktober 2021

October 4th – 6th, 2021


An Evening with Culinary Pleasures

The traditional banquet takes place in the impressive historical buildings around the market square in Aachen, which are within walking distance from the Eurogress. Afterwards, we would like to invite you to a drink in front of the restaurant "Golden Swan", which you can find just opposite of the city hall. Use the opportunity to exchange with other experts about the latest topics in the field of automotive and engine technology and socialize with international participants. The vehicles of our free shuttle service are available for your return to the hotel in Aachen.


For your Calender

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020
07:30 p.m. Entrance
08:00 p.m. Traditional Banquet

Bring a Guest

You are welcome to bring a guest to the banquet – even if your guest is not a participant of the entire colloquium. Just mention your guest during the conference registration and receive a further dinner menu at a preferential price.


Shuttle Service

Use our complimentary shuttle service to get back to the hotel. The vehicles are available on the marketplace. Just get in, a reservation is not necessary.

Banquet Halls

Aula Carolina

aula carolina

Aula Carolina as former monastery church looks at a long and eventful history. First mentioned in the 13th Century, the foundation stone of the building was placed at May 11th, 1663. After an extensive renovation in 1980, it now serves as a school auditorium for the Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium and can be used outside of class time for a variety of events.

Source: www.locations-aachen.de/de/aula-carolina

Goldener Schwan

goldener schwan

The “Goldener Schwan” is one of the oldest restaurants in Aachen. Ground and first floor are triaxial and the upper floors were built in two axes. The facade of the five-story building dates back to the 19th Century. The courtyard facade and the core of the house are from the 17th Century and were built after the great fire in Aachen.
In the nineties of the 19th Century, the brewery was owned by the Bonnie family, who also maintained a restaurant. After the Second World War, the “Schwan ” was one of the first new restaurants, which was the destination of the hungry and poor population.

Source: www.brauhaus-goldener-schwan.de



In the “Krönungssaal” of the Aachen Town Hall, faithful copies of the crown jewels of Viennese Secular Treasury are on display, including the "Reichskleinodien", a manuscript from the court school of Charlemagne, the sword of Charlemagne, the imperial crown, orb and various swords. They shall present the 38 coronations that have been consummated between 813 and 1531 in Aachen. Originating in the 19th Century, the greatest history paintings of romanticism, the frescoes by the Aachen artist Alfred Rethel (1816-1859), depict scenes from the life of Charlemagne. Numerous receptions, lectures and concerts take place in this hall.

Source: rathaus-aachen.de

Karl's Wirtshaus


Karl’s Wirtshaus is situated at the centre of the market place in the beautiful old town of Aachen, just across the historical city hall. A meeting point for everyone who enjoys a cozy atmosphere, traditional culinary treats and a classic beer culture in a tavern. Next to the typical Aachen specialities, we are offering daily changing lunch dishes and seasonal delicacies. Weather alone, in pairs, with a big friend group, as family or club, with your business partners, you will enjoy our great hospitality.

Source: karls-wirtshaus.de



Warm in the heart, well-being in the belly

The Ratskeller Aachen, Markt 40, stands for cosiness, courteous service and local cuisine with a kick - right in the heart of Aachen. Dine on traditional dishes in a unique atmosphere. Enjoy a piece of cake or a fresh beer on our terrace - probably the most beautiful terrace in Aachen.

Source: Ratskeller Aachen, Elisenbrunnen Gastronomie GmbH & Co. KG

Weißer Saal

weisser saal

Starting in 1727, this room was redecorated by Italian stucco artists and transformed into the Town Hall‘s small celebration hall. In addition to the hand-modelled stucco work, six portraits of prominent figures catch the eye. These are the envoys of the powers that brought an end to the Austrian War of Succession with the “Aachen Peace“ in 1748. The best known of them is the British noble John Montagu, the third Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792), famous most of all for the fast food named after him. His portrait hangs on the south wall on the right. Before leaving the room, take a look at the magnificent work of the Italian stucco artists. Keep your eyes open for a winged “horse“ with a goat‘s head, a bird‘s tail and woman‘s breasts! In the four medallions you can see symbols of antique sovereign virtues: the fasces and yoke, the sword pointed towards heaven between the Pillars of Hercules, the Ten Commandments with a pair of scales and finally a lion with a sceptre.

Source: route-charlemagne.eu

Zum goldenen Einhorn

zum goldenen einhorn

The "Einhorn", as the people of Aachen affectionately call their oldest traditional gastronomy, is not only popular with locals and tourists alike because of its cosy rooms.

On the terrace, with a view of the impressive backdrop of Aachen City Hall, the motto is: see and be seen. Whether a cultivated beer, an exquisite drop, plain food or one of the specialities from the creative department of chef Dieter Becker - quality and friendliness are the trumps here

Source: www.zum-goldenen-einhorn.com

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