Delayed Manuscripts 2017

26. Aachener Kolloquium 2017
Nissan’s Powertrain StrategyToshihiro Hirai, B.Eng.Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.Opening Plenary SessionEuropa10.10.2017 09:00
Agile, Flexible, Fit – The New Ease in the Automobile Industry Thomas Anliker, M.Sc.

(replaced the formerly announced speaker Ulrich W. Walker)

Borgward Group AGOpening Plenary SessionEuropa10.10.2017 09:20No manuscript for publication available.
Learning Maps for Automated VehiclesProf. Dr. Ralf G. HerrtwichHEREOpening Plenary SessionEuropa10.10.2017 09:40
Possibilities and Challenges for Standardization of 48V Battery PacksDr. Michael BrambergerSAMSUNG SDI Battery Systems GmbHBattery ConceptsBerlin10.10.2017 15:00
The New Plug-In Hybrid 4-Cylinder Diesel from
Jochen StrenkertDaimler AGHybrid & Electric VehiclesEuropa10.10.2017 16:30
Tyre Requirements for Autonomous Driving
Ir. Peter M. RoestApollo Tyres Global R&D B.V.Tire TechnologiesK1 Aachen10.10.2017 17:30
Static 3D Object Detection with Deep LearningJochen AbhauZF Friedrichshafen AGArtificial Intelligence for HADBrüssel11.10.2017 09:00
AI – Changing the Autonomous Vehicles LandscapeAbel BrownNVIDIAArtificial Intelligence for HADBrüssel11.10.2017 09:30
Design of a front axle for a wheel-individual Steer-by-Wire system with highly integrated steering actuators illustrated by the SpeedE research vehicle

(Replacement presentation for “Active Suspension Design in the Tradeoffs between Optimizing Force and Response Time”, M. Giovanardi, ClearMotion)

Benjamin Schwarzika, RWTH Aachen UniversityChassis ComponentsK1 Aachen-Saal 11.10.2017 09:30
Metaphor Based Interaction SafetyVolker WagnerZF Friedrichshafen AGHMI & Customer AcceptanceK1 Aachen11.10.2017 12:00
Synthetic Fuels: Sustainable Road to CO2 Neutrality?Christian FoltzPwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbHAutomotive Strategy Concepts IK1 Aachen11.10.2017 15:30
Electric Mobility without Compromise: How the Ampera-e Buries Range AnxietyDipl.-Ing. Christian MüllerOpel Automobile GmbHClosing Plenary SessionEuropa11.10.2017 15:40No manuscript for publication available.
Mobility for Tomorrow – Between the Poles of ElectrificationProf. Dr.-Ing. Peter GutzmerSchaeffler AGClosing Plenary SessionEuropa11.10.2017 16:00