Delayed Manuscripts 2014

You will find all manuscripts sent after the copy deadline on this site.

23rd Aachen Colloquium 2014
Deep Drill into the Future – An ExperimentProf. Lutz FügenerHochschule PforzheimVehicle ConceptsBrüssel07.10.2014 11:00
The Energy and Thermal Management of a Hybrid Double Deck BusDr. Cedric RouaudRicardo UKHeavy Duty Vehicle HybridizationK1 Aachen07.10.2014 11:00
The Application of the SuperGen Electromechanical Centrifugal Supercharger to the Ultraboost Extreme Downsizing EngineDr. James TurnerJaguar Land RoverCombustion Processes Gasoline Engines IBerlin07.10.2014 14:00
The Gasoline Engine at 2020Ken PendleburyRicardo UKCombustion Processes Gasoline Engines IBerlin07.10.2014 15:00
Thermal Energy Recovery Module on Cooling System with PCM Heat TankVictor Zarifé Hutchinson Thermal ManagementK1 Aachen07.10.2014 17:00
Lean-Burn Stratified Combustion with Spray-Guided Combustion System in Engines with High Specific OutputUwe SchauppDaimler AGCombustion Processes Gasoline Engines II/CNG/FuelsEuropa08.10.14 10:30
“Rising 15” Roadmap – Technology Strategies for Automotive Growth Markets Beyond BRICChristoph Heuser and Philipp Seidel Ricardo Strategic Consulting GmbHAutomotive Strategy Concepts II
K1 Aachen08.10.2014 14:00
Umparken in Engineering – How Innovative Technology is Improving Opel’s ImageMichael AblesonAdam Opel AGClosing Plenary SessionEuropa08.10.2014 15:40
Volvo’s Way to Reach Zero EmissionsDr.-Ing. Peter MertensVolvo Car CorporationClosing Plenary SessionEuropa08.10.2014 16:00
Autonomous Driving at Mercedes-BenzDr.-Ing. Eberhard ZeebDaimler AGAutomated DrivingBrüssel07.10.2014 14:00No manuscript for publication available.
Emergency Steer Assist SystemJitendra Shah, M.Sc.Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbHAdvanced Driver Assistance SystemsBrüssel07.10.2014 17:30No manuscript for publication available.