Further information for speakers

On this page you will find further information for speakers. All information are available for download as a document, too.


Aachen Colloquium China
4th Floor of ELION Building No. 1, Guanghua Road No. 15, Chaoyang District
100026 Beijing, P.R. China



26A Xiao Yun Road, Chaoyang District,
Beijing 100125, China

Event Date

November 15th to 17th, 2017

Facts about the Aachen Colloquium China

  • About 400 participants from over 10 countries
  • More than 40 technical presentations
  • About 12 exhibiting companies
  • Traditional banquet

Length of presentation

20 minutes + 10 minutes of discussion

Language of the oral presentation

Chinese or English (simultaneous translation)


Please note, that presentation slides can only be accepted in English. All presentations are translated simultaneously between English and Chinese.

In case you use the organizer’s laptop for the presentation, please do not directly include film sequences, but hand these in as separate file. If you are using non-standard fonts, please provide the technicians with the appropriate font file.

To simplify the preparation of the technicians, please hand in the technical equipment form on time.

Please note the following design guidelines:

  • Optimized presentation in 4:3 format
  • Not more than 20 slides
  • High contrasts and big fonts

You will be supported by professional technicians on site. Please take the opportunity to test your presentation the evening before or during the breaks together with the technicians. If you will use your own laptop, please contact the technicians at least 30 minutes before the session starts.


The organizer of the Aachen Colloquium China will publish proceedings containing all manuscripts. With the acceptance of the presentation, the speaker commits to hand in such a manuscript. The manuscript needs to be formulated. The publishing of presentation slides is no option. The authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of the contents of manuscripts and presentations.

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Submission of the manuscript as Word and PDF document
  • Language of the manuscript: solely English
  • The use of the provided template is obligatory
  • Note the guidelines within the template
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the layout
  • The manuscript should contain 8 to 36 pages

Registration for the Colloquium

  • The participation in the colloquium is free of charge for the first named speaker! This very speaker needs to fill in the presentation form including the registration as speaker. The name tag and vouchers for lunch, evening event, etc., will be available at the name tag counter.
  • The participation of further speakers is not free of charge. They must register separately with the standard registration form.
  • The participation in the colloquium for co-authors is not free of charge and strictly requires a separate registration!

Information on simultaneous translation

All oral presentations will be simultaneously translated by professional interpreters. By following some basic rules you can help to ensure that your paper will be translated in an optimal manner:

  • Submission of all necessary documents for preparation of the translators on time
  • Avoid quick or unclear speaking
  • If there are additional speaker notes, you can also hand these in for the preparation of the translators

Marketing and Distribution

  • The contents of the proceedings can be purchased  as a digital copy or in form of access rights.
  • Authors will not participate financially in the profit of the sales resulting from their manuscript.
  • Price information and order forms are available on request.

Exclusion of competition

It is not permitted that the content of the presentation and the manuscript have been published elsewhere in the form in which they are submitted to the Aachen Colloquium.

Assignment of rights

By confirming its acceptance of a manuscript, the Aachen Colloquium China Automobile and Engine Technology obtains unlimited usage rights for reproduction and distribution in all currently known forms and for all kinds of use cases.

Republication of extracts

Subsequent publications (even in extracts) elsewhere by the author will be permitted by the organizers on prior request, whereby the source of original publication by the Aachen Colloquium China Automobile and Engine Technology must be correctly cited.

Curriculum vitae

We need your curriculum vitae for the introduction by the session chairman and for the preparation of the translators. Please use the online form.