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November 15th, 2017

19:00 to 21:00

Meet & Greet in the Foyer

November 16th, 2017

TimeGrand Ballroom II+IIIGrand Ballroom I
Plenary Session
08:30 Opening Speech

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Eckstein
Head of ika – RWTH Aachen University

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pischinger
Head of VKA – RWTH Aachen University


Nissan‘s Technology Strategy

Dr. Ryozo Hiraku
Engineering Director Powertrain Engineering Division
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Mobility for Tomorrow – Between the Poles of Electrification

Dr. Liu Yong
CTO and Management Board Member
Schaeffler Greater China


Learning Maps for Automated Vehicles

Prof. Dr. Ralf G. Herrtwich
Senior Vice President Automotive

09:40Plenary Discussion
10:00Coffee Break

Coffee Break
New Gasoline and Diesel EnginesVehicle Concepts

New 1.0 Liter 3-Cylinder Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection Engine from Honda

Y. Yoshio, K. Maeyama, H. Komatsu, A. Terao, H. Daicho, K. Sato, Y. Harada, M. Shibata – Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Automotive Systems Engineering – Enabled by Virtual Prototypes

S. Schmidt – IPG Automotive GmbH
X. Huang – IPG Automotive (Shanghai) Ltd.


Development of a New Engine and Aftertreatment System to Meet Off-Road Stage V without Exhaust Gas Recirculation

T.-J. Wang, R. Hyun, I.-H. Im, D.-S. Kim, T.-K. Kim, B.-K. Song, W.-G. Lee, T.-S. Kim – Doosan Infracore

The ZF Innovation Car 2017 – Taking the Next Step Towards Less Emissions and More Safety

S. Jung, T. Werne, E. Finkbeiner, V. Vogel – ZF Friedrichshafen AG


Development of a 1-Liter Advanced Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection 3-Cylinder Engine

Y. Shen – Zhejiang Geely Powertrain Research Institute

Vehicle Development of the Future – Digital Layout and Validation of Functional Attributes

P. Schöggl, U. Grebe, M. Oswald, E. Bogner, B. Graf, P. Drage – AVL List GmbH

Driving Dynamics and Autonomous DrivingAutomotive Strategy

Increasing Performance & Function with Light & Robust Suspension Components

T. Schrüllkamp, B. Ditzer – Mubea Fahrwerksfedern GmbH
A. Lindner – Mubea Automotive Components (Taicang) Co., Ltd.

Cities of the Future – What it Means for Automotive

J. Karlberg – Roland Berger


Tire Design Characteristics: Impact on Trade-off between Driving Dynamics Performances and Rolling Resistance

M. Martino, E. Salino, M. Caudano – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles EMEA

Lightweight Design – Holistic Evaluation for Efficient Technology Strategies

R. Wolsfeld, A. Busse, C. Harter, L. Eckstein – ika, RWTH Aachen University
I. Olschewski – fka mbH


Determination of Tyre Properties – What are the Demands and Challenges?

M. Harris, C. Bachmann – fka mbH
L. Eckstein – ika, RWTH Aachen University

Electrified Future of Mobility – Is the Expected Value Chain Shift an Opportunity or Threat for OEMs and Supplier?

A. Nase, P. Glusk, C. Speuser – FEV Consulting GmbH


Cost Effective Automotive Platform for ADAS and Autonomous Development

M. Pischinger, H. Alzubi, B. Dwyer, S. Nagaraj, A. Quail – FEV North America, Inc.

Automotive Digital Business Models

J. Berking, A. Nienhaus – Oliver Wyman GmbH

15:30Coffee BreakCoffee Break
Hybrid PowertrainsNew Engine Technologies
16:00Arrizo 7e Plug-in Hybrid and High Efficiency Engine Design

E. E. Han – Chery Automobile

Intelligent Valve Actuation – A Radical New Electro-Magnetic Poppet Valve Arrangement

R. Stone, D. Kelly – Camcon Auto Ltd.
S. Jenkinson, J. Geddes – Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.


Generic Vehicle Energy Management

L. Eckstein, L. Häußler, R. Hummel – ika, RWTH Aachen University

Developing a Multistep Tumble Flap for Air Intake Systems

J. Matsuzaki, T. Kawano – MAHLE Filter System Japan Corp.
S. Inamijima, M. Shiraki, K. Tanzawa, I. Matsuzaki – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
J. Rueckauf, J. Stehlig, I. Morgillo, M. Janssen – MAHLE Filtersysteme GmbH


Highly Dynamic Torque Control for Range Extenders with Rolling Torque Compensation

K. Herold, J. Andert, S. Pischinger – VKA, RWTH Aachen University
M. Stapelbroek – FEV Europe GmbH

FlexVent – EGR Valve Integrated EGR Mass Flow Metering for Heavy Duty Engines

C. Antoni, B. Fran, S. Cucuz, F. Dellen – Pierburg GmbH


November 17th, 2017

TimeGrand Ballroom II+IIIGrand Ballroom I
Drivetrain and TransmissionGasoline Exhaust Aftertreatment and Lubricants

CEVT and Geely Powertrain Launches a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission Platform

R. Klein – China Euro Vehicle Technology AB
J. Lin – Geely Powertrain Research Institute

Gasoline Particulate Filter: Implementation and Technical Challenges

E. Jean – Faurecia Clean Mobility


Design and Analysis of a MAGSPLIT-Based Dedicated Hybrid Transmission

S. Calverley, G. Oshin, J. Birchall – Magnomatics Ltd.
K. Taylor, L. Rodrigues – Romax Technologies Ltd.
K. Atallah, K. Hoang – University of Sheffield
D. Ooi, J. Akroyd – CMCL Innovations Ltd.
A. Chapman – Changan Automotive UK Ltd.

Current and Future Trends of Gasoline Particulate Filter Technologies, Calibration Strategies and Aging Methods

M. Görgen, M. Nijs, H. Lehn, J. Scharf, M. Thewes, M. Hendrikx – FEV Europe GmbH
J. Claßen, S. Sterlepper – VKA, RWTH Aachen University
H. Baumgarten – FEV Group GmbH


Electric Drive Units Including up-to 2 Speeds

I. Steinberg, G. Hellenbroich, P. Janssen, H.-P. Lahey – FEV Europe GmbH

Management of Low Speed Pre-Ignition via Fuel and Lubricant Formulation

B. Leach, A. Smith, J. Williams, R. Pearson, R. Yates, C. Ritchie – BP International Ltd.
A. Weall, L. Cao, B. Cooper – Jaguar Landrover Ltd.

10:00Coffee BreakCoffee Break
Variabilities in Gasoline EnginesAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems

VCR-VVA-High Expansion Ratio, a Very Effective Way to Miller-Atkinson Cycle

C. Constensou, V. Collée – MCE-5 Development

HELLA Driver Assistant System – On the Way of Autonomous Driving

J. Xia – Hella Nanjing Technical Center


Combining VVA with VCR for High-Efficient SI Engines

M. Breuer, S. Schmitt, D. Hunkel, S. Moormann – Pierburg GmbH

Delphi Automated Driving Experiences: US, Singapore, France; From SF-NYC Coast-to-Coast to Automated Mobility on Demand

S. Lambermont – Delphi Electronics and Safety

11:30DUAL MODE VCS – Concept Readiness

K. Arens, T. Weiss – iwis motorsysteme GmbH & Co. KG
H. Sorger, W. Schöffmann, S. Lösch, W. Unzeitig – AVL List GmbH

Solid State Lidar Based Trailer Estimation System for Enhanced Trailer Blind Spot Detection

P. Krejci, M. Hulan, P. Zednik, O. Kozak, E. Martinez, Y. Sela – Valeo


FEV 2-Stage VCR – A Solution for Future Emission Legislation and High Performance

H. Baumgarten – FEV Group GmbH
K. Habermann, T. Uhlmann, U. Schaffrath, A. Grieger – FEV Europe GmbH
A. Schlosshauer – VKA, RWTH Aachen University

Data-Driven Road User Prediction at Intersections with Connected Sensors

L. Eckstein, J. Bock – ika, RWTH Aachen University
J. Kotte, A. Zlocki – fka mbH

Electric Drives and Battery SystemsCO2 Reduction

The Next Generation of BMW’s Electrified Powertrains: Providing Software Features Quickly by Model-Based System Design

S. Kriebel, V. Moyses, G. Strobl – BMW AG
J. Richenhagen, P. Orth – FEV Europe GmbH
B. Rumpe, C. Schulze, T. Greifenberg – SE, RWTH Aachen University
S. Pischinger – FEV Group GmbH

Combination of EGR and Electric Supercharger on the Vehicle Electrification Roadmaps to Meet Future Challenges for Gasoline Engines

K. Surbled, J. Chicot, F. Ribera, G. Ridolfi, D. Durrieu, P. Lenoir – Valeo


Modular Energy Storage Systems for Future Automotive Applications

N. Milovanovic, P. Miller Johnson, A. Paterson, I. Sheldon – Johnson Matthey Battery Systems

eDSF: Dynamic Skip Fire Extension to Hybrid Powertrains

M. Wilcutts, M. Younkins, M. Nagashima, K. Eisazadeh-Far, R. Wang – Tula Technology, Inc.


48V Technology in the Light of the Connected Vehicle and Electrical Board Net Advancements

P. Rankl – Continental Automotive Systems Co., Ldt.
F. Graf, S. Lauer, S. Baensch, R. Knorr – Continental Automotive GmbH
M. Sans – Continental Automotive France SAS

Gasoline Engine Technologies to Achieve Diesel-Like Fuel Consumption Levels

P. Freeland, M. Feasey, G. Jones – Cosworth Ltd.
S. Chen, W. Huang – CEC / Haitec

15:30Short BreakShort Break
15:35Final Remarks: Prof. S. Pischinger, Prof. L. Eckstein
15:45End of ConferenceEnd of Conference