Regular Participation Fee (RMB 3.880,-)

The participation fee for regular participants includes:

  • Entrance to the presentations
  • Entrance to the exhibition
  • Proceedings
  • Meet & Greet
  • Banquet
  • 2x lunch
  • Snacks
  • Drinks

Early Bird Discount

If we receive your payment until September 30th of the event year, you will get a discount of RMB 400 compared to the regular participation fee of RMB 3.880,-. Furthermore, early bird payers are allowed to use the express line at the registration desk.

Registration & Early Bird

The Chinese registration site is now hosted locally to make registration from China easier, as well as that we will open WeChat payment function starting in October. Furthermore, we have extended the deadline for early bird registrations until 15th October.


Banquet for Attendee Guests (RMB 380,-)

For attendee guests, which are not participants of the colloquium, you can book an additional ticket for the banquet, as long as seats are still available. Please note, that the banquet for participants of the conferenc is already included in the participation fee.