Information for Exhibitors

You will find all the relevant information for exhibitors on this site.
Off course you can also download all the information in one document.

Important Dates

Registration possible until:
July 31st, 2018
Notification of acceptance of the exhibitors:
Beginning of September, 2018
Return of the registration of supervisors until:
October 15th, 2018


Aachen Colloquium China
4th Floor of ELION Building No. 1, Guanghua Road No. 15,
Chaoyang District 100026 Beijing, P.R. China
Phone: +49 241 80 25646

Venue and local features

Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast
26A Xiao Yun Road
Chaoyang District
100125 Beijing, China

Please note that the conference accompanying exhibition takes place in the basement of the Marriott Hotel Beijing.

Date /Opening Times

November 14th – 16th, 2018

Opening times of the exhibition:

  • Wednesday, November 14th, 7 pm to 9 pm (during Meet & Greet)
  • Thursday, November 15th, 8 am to 6 pm
  • Friday, November 16th, 8 am to 4 pm


Exhibition Space: RMB 2.800 + VAT per m2

Booth supervisors

The number of booth supervisors depends on the size of the booked exhibition area:

< 10 sqm = 1 booth supervisor per booth > 10 sqm = 2 booth supervisors per booth

The booth supervisors have to be namely registered using a special form. The proceedings for the supervisor(s) will be provided at the venue.

Additional booth supervisors have to be registered separately by using the regular registration form.

Included Services

Included services (booth):

  • Power connection
  • General cleaning
  • Security of the hotel
  • Publication of a company profile in the exhibitor guide of max. 1 page (English) in formatted templates
  • Mentioning on the website
  • Wifi will be provided during the conference by the Kempinski Hotel

Please note: Booth setup is not included. Power supplies have to be ordered in advance (max. 2 supplies; max. 2 kw)

Included services (for booth supervisors only):

  • Conference participation (including exhibition and presentations)
  • Entrance to the banquet
  • Meet & Greet
  • Proceedings
  • Beverages
  • Snacks
  • Lunches


Registration possible until: July 31st, 2018
Notification of acceptance of the exhibitors starting in September 2018
Return of the registration of supervisors until: October 15th, 2018

The allocation of booth spaces is based on the input order of the applications. A registration is no longer possible once the exhibition is fully booked.

We recommend an early registration. To be informed about the earliest possible application startup, you can be included on our call-for-exhibitors mailing list. Please address Ms. Jaksch.

Construction, dismounting and delivery

Please note that the conference accompanying exhibition takes place in the basement of the Marriott Hotel Beijing Northeast. Delivery has to be coordinated with the organization team in advance: Please register with your time schedule, construction plans and measurements of booth installation, exhibits (incl. weight), and type of delivery car by contacting Ms. Sandra Jaksch.

Delivery Options

Using the freight elevator behind Marriott Hotel on November 13th in the evening (w: 1,65 m x 2,40 m; max. 1600 kg) Please note: the exact time for using the freight elevator will be announced shortly before the event.

Wednesday, November 14th, starting at 8 am, finishing at 6 pm

Friday, November 16th, starting at 4 pm

The entrance of the stand builders and the dismounting is only permitted after the closing speech and only after explicit approval by the organizer.

The construction and dismounting times must be strictly adhered to.

Please note that we do not allow further deliveries, assembly or disassembly during the colloquium.
Noncompliance can cause an exclusion from future colloquia!

Soil conditions

Please note that a maximum load of 400 kg per square meter must not be exceeded.

When laying new floorings residue-free adhesive tape is to be used. The exhibitor will be charged with created losses.

Booth design

  • All construction plans must be submitted via email until October 15th.
  • The booth should mostly feature open, transparent side walls.
  • When laying floor tiles, platform edges have to be lowered, no podiums are allowed.
  • The maximum booth height is 2,7 m
  • Please note that a maximum load of 400 kg per square meter must not be exceeded.
  • Power supplies have to be ordered in advance (max. 2 supplies; max. 2 kw)

Information about the complete booth

We offer a fully equipped booth through our partner.

Reallocation of exhibition spaces

Please understand that after the allocation of booth spaces no more wishes of replacement can be considered. For information regarding a cancelation of your registration, please see our general terms and conditions of the exhibition.

Press tour through the exibition

The press may enter the exhibition at the evening before the Aachen Colloquium China starts.

Please be aware that there may well be filming and finish your stand accordingly in time.